Book Review: The Greatness of Saturn by Dr. Robert Svoboda

Book Review: The Greatness of Saturn by Dr. Robert Svoboda

The Book In 3 Sentences

The symbols, or, as per Carl Jung: archetypes, we most acknowledge or identify with the most affect and control our lives and stories and myths are a way to keep these symbols alive (The Principle of Mentalism restated).

The universe is a combination of different frequencies that affect all of us differently and according to the Indian system of astrology, the planetary bodies closest to Earth (7 planets in our solar system barring Neptune and Pluto and the North and South lunar nodes) are the emitters of these different frequencies that have both benefic or malefic effects.

Saturn in the ancient Indian system of astrology is considered to be the personification of that frequency that represents time, limitation, sorrows and all forms of adversity; Saturn makes us experience what's in store for us and this point is expanded upon through the story of a noble and just king who goes through trials and tribulations during a harsh 7 and a half year period.

My 411

Reading The Greatness of Saturn has turned into an annual affair for me for the past couple of years; it's unequivocally my favorite book on a complete introduction of the "science" behind Indian Astrology. Additionally, I thoroughly enjoy the work by the author, Dr. Robert Svoboda especially, the Aghora trilogy as all his works are well researched, documented and exude a level of authenticity that's rare in this day and age where every other person is a self-proclaimed clairvoyant.

Initially, a difficult book to read and fully digest, what really helped me was to force myself not to intellectualize the lessons but to absorb as much as I could and let my subconscious do the computation. What was most interesting to me was the implicit symbology that's a part of all major religions of the world are a lot from astrological phenomenon because after all, all ancient civilizations had the sky in common and the syncretism of these astro-theological ideas is prime fodder for religious stories.

If there is one lesson from this book that's worth mentioning, it's that dispassionate submission to one's destiny if nothing else can be controlled is the easiest path forward. For those interested in getting a lucid introduction of Indian Astrology without the fluff or fraud, I highly recommend this book.


Planetary Characteristics

Planet Day Positives Negatives
Sun Sunday Nobility, individuality, generosity, dignity, power, authority leadership creativity Skin diseases, eye troubles, difficulties with father, altercations with authorities, excessive pride, egotism, self-centeredness, pomposity, ostentatiousness.
Moon Monday Receptivity, sensitivity, imagination, good memory, sound habits and conditioning Swellings in the body, water retention, difficulties with mother, emotional upheavals, hyper-sensitivity and overreaction, difficulty getting in touch with feelings.
Mars Tuesday Goal directed energy, strength, courage, passion, action, competitive spirit, vim and vigor. Ulcers and other conditions of excessive “heat” in the body, tendency to accidents, legal problems, conflicts, adversarial situations, difficulties with siblings, lack of courage, anger, irritability, haste, foolhardiness, impatience, inconstancy, inconsistency, lack of drive, an “all-or-nothing’ attitude, obsession.
Mercury Wednesday Rationality, intelligence, wit, cleverness, skill dexterity, verbal and mental ability, skill at study, shrewdness. Nervous and mental disorders, lack of ability to communicate or to study, aloofness, amorality, over-intellectualization, difficulty in thought and communication.
Jupiter Thursday Growth and expansion, humanitarinism and spiritual outlook, wisdom, optimism, faith, geniality, generosity, joviality, humor, idealism, good powers of judgement. Obesity, liver diseases, difficulties with children or teachers, difficulties in having children, overconfidence, overindulgence, extravagance, immorality, greed
Venus Friday Affection, friendliness, love, gentleness, sociability, harmony, balance, elegance, gracefulness, refined sensuality. Diseases of the sexual organs, marital problems, laziness, vanity, sentimentality, vice and sensual corruption, lack of taste and refinement.
Saturn Saturday Authoritativeness, discipline, responsibility, conservatism, practicality, realism, durability, constancy, consistency. Pain (especially of bones, muscles, ligaments, joints), timidity, diffidence, anxiety, fear, bad dreams, poverty, instability, shame, delays, humiliation, inhibition, loneliness, isolation depression, mental or physical rigidity, stinginess, disappointment, resignation, melancholy, lack of trust, suspicion, doubt.
North Lunar Node (Rahu) Saturday Originality, individuality, independence, insight, ingenuity, inspiration, imagination. Timidity, anxiety, hallucinations, confusion, escapism, neurosis, psychosis, deception, addiction, vagueness, illusion, delusion.
South Lunar Node (Ketu) Saturday Universality, impressionability, idealism, intuition, compassion, spirituality, self-sacrifice, subtleness. Tendency to accidents, anger, irritability, impatience, inconstancy, eccentricity, fanaticism, explosiveness, violence, unconventionality, amorality, iconoclasm, impulsiveness, emotional tensions.