Book Review: The Power of Sex Transmutation by Mitch Horowitz

Book Review: The Power of Sex Transmutation by Mitch Horowitz

The Book In 3 Sentences

The extremely powerful sexual force or the force of life seeks to express itself within us and this force is the impetus behind creating something. You can harness this energy by redirecting sexual urges from a physical to creative expression to help achieve your goals. This sexual force or the force of life can also be destructive if not harnessed in the right way and great people throughout the ages have been driven to great successes using the force to try to find a mate.

My 411

This short yet powerful book provides a modernized and bolstered elucidation of Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich's chapter entitled "The Mystery of Transmutation".  I read this book in one sitting and kept going because it is incredibly well written; highly recommend this to anyone seeking to study more occult topics from a practical and modern point of view.

Mitch Horowitz is fearless when it comes to introducing taboo subjects; he writes in such a descriptive yet succinct and lucid way that the topic can easily be grasped but on rereading the same material, new lessons are derived. His personal anecdotes interlarded with core concepts make the read more worthwhile.


  • The force of life seeking to express itself within us, the force of creativity seeking to express itself in us, is experienced as the sexual urge - it’s extremely powerful, arguably it’s overwhelmingly powerful.
  • That aforementioned force experienced on the most sensate level is the sexual urge.
  • It is the life force, so to speak, seeking expression.
  • We are, by nature, generative beings.
  • Every time you create something, whether financial, artistic, architectural, craft-based, or product-based, this same life force is replicating itself through you.
  • You can actually harness and use this energy in your life in ways that go beyond the familiar physical releases, and in a manner that adds power to the pursuit of your goals.
  • How to accomplish Sexual Transmutation: When you feel a sexual urge, when you feel the wish to express sexual desire, you as an individual are capable of redirecting that desire towards an expression other than the physical, towards some other form of expression or creation, and you do this through the mental act of consciously redirecting the sexual urge from physical to creative expression.
  • The creative expression takes the form of whatever your
    worldly wish is at a given period.
  • This transmutation adds unique energy, intellect, enthusiasm, resilience, and
    intuitive insight to whatever you are working on. This is because sexual
    transmutation consciously places the force of creation itself at the back of
    your personal efforts.
  • Transmutation isn't abstinence - there exist other selective channels through which sexual energy can be expressed, which go beyond the physical.
  • People who are commonly regarded as geniuses, as icons, as impresarios are capable of rising to that level of excellence because sexual energy is at the back of their efforts.
  • The concept of sexual energy and its potential transmutation adds a whole new dimension to how we understand human sexuality and creativity.
  • This sexual energy is something that is also at the back of our wishes, drives, desires, and efforts.
  • In knowing yourself sexually, it is also important to be aware of how this
    facet of your nature is used to manipulate you via our consumerist society such in the case of pornography.
  • Motivations are substance-based.
  • In life we’re sitting in the passenger seat most of the time. But through a
    shift in our attention we can, at a choice moment, transmute these creative,
    sexual energies.
  • Man has the same desire to please woman that he had before the dawn of civilization. The only thing that has changed, is his method of pleasing.
  • Men who accumulate large fortunes, and attain to great heights of power and fame, do so, mainly, to satisfy their desire to please women.
  • Great people throughout the ages, and in our own time, have often been driven to heights of success because of their desire to please or attract a mate.
  • There’s a lot of people in our world and in history who have performed extraordinary services, demonstrated things never thought possible, produced enduring works of art, feats of entrepreneurship, acts of commerce that have changed the world, who were driven by this very intimate, sexualized wish to please a mate.
  • Sexual energy is so powerful, and it’s so irresistible a force when
    people aren’t developed in some other way, that this force of ultimate
    creation becomes a force of ultimate destruction.
  • Sex magick is setting an intention at the point of climax.
  • Sigil magick, you formulate a passionate desire—one
    that has some worldly means of realization—and, through a variety of
    methods, many of them very simple, render that desire into a symbol, an
    abstract symbol of the thing wished for. You then “charge” that symbol, so
    to speak, by working yourself up into a state of ecstasy or some kind of a
    meditative state that crosses over into a transcendental, surreal, or extrarational state. Most often this is done through sexual climax.
  • Every religion has promulgated the power of sexual transmutation.